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You need profits, we know profits.

In retrospect, 2020 has proven to be a very challenging time for the fund management industry, globally and locally. Despite that, Inter-Pacific Asset Management has managed to weather the storm. IPAM has won various accolades and international recognition in the process, which is highlighted in our Awards and Recognition tab.

Awards & Recognitions

Awarded by: Sunil Bhat, Director International Finance Publications Ltd. 

2018 The Edge Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards Malaysia

InterPac Dynamic Equity Inter-Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd Best Fund over 3 years

2018 The Edge Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards Malaysia

InterPac Dana Safi
Inter-Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd

Total AUM (Assets Under Management )
RM 0

*As at 31 December 2020

Dana Safi One Year Performance
0 %

Through years of hard work, and with the leadership of our commander, Dato Dr Nazri Khan (DDNK) we have developed our own investment philosophy which has proven to be successful in 2020, involving a more robust and dynamic strategy in managing the funds, in line with changing market conditions.

Why Invest With Us

As times change, fund management companies need to adapt and identify market changes. Our role is to always safeguard our clients interest, and a certain amount of agility and grit is needed to turn crisis into opportunities for our clients.



The Private Mandate is an investment opportunity for investors where the US stock market is home to some of the biggest and world-renowned companies with strong underlying fundamentals, poised to prosper despite the uncertainty in the global economy.

The Private Mandate will add stability to the investment portfolio with manageable risk-adjusted-return.

The fund will be managed by the CEO himself, Datuk Dr Nazri Khan, and customers can benefit directly from the CEO’s hands on approach.

For as low as MYR50,000, investors can gain exposure to the US markets with the likes of Tesla, Alphabet, Nvidia and Zoom. Our focus is to maximize gains for our clients, especially with our experience in the US markets, as well as other global markets.


Past performance is not indicative of future performance. All feedback and statements issued by investors are at the will and consent of the investor himself without the existence of any element of coercion or payment or anything like that from any party. All investors and potential investors are reminded that every statement issued is not reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). Therefore, all investors and potential investors are advised to know and understand each risk and terms and conditions found in an investment before engaging in any investment. Investors advised to compare and consider the fees, charges and costs involved and their own risk assessment and seek professional advice if necessary. 

Beware of scams during Covid-19 crisis by referring this website; https://www.sc.com.my/covid-19/scam

Shariah Advisors

SALIHIN Shariah Advisory

Founded in 2002, SALIHIN Shariah Advisory (SSA)  is a Shariah advisory firm registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) that provides advisory and consultancy works on all Shariah-based products and services regulated by SC, fintech solutions, training and education, research, development and publication. SALIHIN Shariah Advisory has agreed to be the advisor for Inter-Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd’s Private Mandate Fund.

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About us

Fund Management Company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inter-Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd (IPAM) was established as a Fund Management company in Malaysia, a subsidiary of Berjaya Group. Its principal activity is fund management, services and the management and distribution of unit trust funds.

Currently IPAM offers local and global coverage in our equity analysis. Most of our equity-based unit trust funds and separately managed private accounts have local and global exposure. We believe that having a good track record in managing unit trusts in Malaysia is considered the epitome of a successful fund management company is Malaysia.

IPAM also supports the Malaysian Capital Market as a whole which is also under the purview of the Securities Commission Malaysia, adhering to guidelines by SC on the unit trust administration and agreement ingrained in the operational flow of IPAM.

Dato’ Dr. Nazri Khan (DDNK) is an Economics graduate of the University of Manchester and a licensed technical analyst with international retail experience, conducting over 1000 retail investment functions in Malaysia and overseas over the last 20 years. He was the Founder and is currently the Chairman and Fellow of Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Inter-Pacific Asset Management Sdn Bhd, and leads a team of 22 personnel, all based in Berjaya Times Square. 

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